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Who is Look?

Look of Australia is an independently owned Tasmanian Optical Outlet that opened in 1996. Look! offers the highest standards in optical care, the latest technology when it comes to testing your eyes and a huge selection of frames and sunglasses including the very latest – all at very competitive prices.

You can contact us during business hours on (03) 6224 3988


We have an enormous range of Frames on offer take a look at the brands we stock here.


Look of Australia stock a huge range of sunglasses including all the current models. Their experienced staff will help you choose frames that both look good and are comfortable. Take a look at the brands we stock here.


Look of Australia stock an extensive range of quality sunglasses for everything from extreme sports to fashion accessories.

Eye Testing

When it comes to caring for your lenses and frames Look of Australia stock a wide range of products and accessories. Contact lens solutions and cases available.

Eye examinations arranged. Bulk billing for most consultations

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Mon: Fri: 09:00pm - 17:30pm
Sat: 10:00am - 13:00pm