Varilux X Near Vision Behaviour Lens

Look of Australia is proud to be one of only 12 Optometry practices within Australia, and the first in Tasmania that can offer you the Exclusive Varilux X Near Vision Behaviour (NVB) lens.

So what does this mean for you?

Our way of life has changed dramatically, rarely do we get the chance to simply sit and read a book. We have so many different needs throughout our day at different intermediate distances, be it using your laptop, reading from a tablet or just trying to read the ingredients at the supermarket.

Multifocal lenses have struggled to meet current requirements and expectations of day to day life until now. The biggest benefit of the Varilux X NVB lens is no more searching for the ‘sweet spot’ trying to find the right focal point for your mid range reading. It’s a more natural reading experience.

In a traditional multifocal lens the only measurements needed are the pupil height and PD (pupil distance). If you have worn a multifocal lens before I’m sure that you recall this measurement was taken with a texta dot marking up your lens. In the past lenses were made based on average optical parameters.

The Varilux X NVB lens takes so much more into account than other lenses do. It’s completely customised thus requiring additional measurements such as body, head and eye posture that are unique to you. Along with your posture we also measure eye and head movement while reading, the tilt of your head, the angle of your gaze, if you have a slight twist to your body and the distance you hold your reading material.

To create this customised lens, we take a series of measurements of you wearing your chosen frame with no prescription. This way your natural posture isn’t affected by an outdated prescription or you altering your normal body position. The measurements are taken in real time so we can determine your head posture and eye movements at all stages.

There are three pieces of specific technological equipment that we need to use to accurately obtain these measurements. The following steps are used to obtain these measurements.

  1. We place your frame in the specific clip so the machines can pick up the data points; throughout the process you keep the frame on with the clip.

  2. We use the Visioffice tower to measure; your dominant eye, pantoscopic tilt of the frame, reading distance and head turn.

  3. Lastly, you have a seat and hold our tablet to measure your ‘near distance behaviour’ It’s nice and easy, you sit naturally and a blue dot appears at the top of the screen. As it moves you simply follow and track the moving dot.

This step tracks your natural eye movements; i.e. gaze lowering, distance held, lateral offset (body position whether you sit with a slight twist) and visual behaviour (the combination of head and eye movements).

All of these measurements are collated and your unique personal code is created, no two codes are ever the same. And to top off the personalisation you can have your personal initials etched into your lenses as well. These can only be seen with a magnifying glass and under good light, it doesn’t impact your vision at all.

Your personally tailored; fully customised lenses are then created using your frame details, your prescription and the series of above measurements taken. All of this information creates the best quality and most personalised lens for you to enhance your intermediate and reading experiences.

If you are interested in a better reading experience or learning more about the advancements in this newest technology; visit us instore or give us a call on 6224 3988 and discuss with the Look of Australia team what may be the best option for you.

Written by Michelle Calder

Practice Manager


Day to Day Variable Distances

Day to Day Variable Distances



Michelle Calder