Eye Examinations

Diabetic Eye Testing

Macula/Glaucoma Screenings and Management

Childrens Vision Testing and Management

Paediatric Testing

Cataract Assessment/Monitoring

Digital Eye Strain Solutions with both Contact Lenses and Spectacles

Computer Fatigue Correction with both contact Lenses and Spectacles

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment

Safety Spectacles

Foreign body removal

Eye infection/sore eye treatments

Visual field testing

Driving vision assessments

Retinal photography 

Peripheral retinal photography and monitoring

Anterior eye photography and monitoring

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Myopia control and management solutions (glasses and soft contact lenses)

Shared care management options with ophthalmology

Contact lens examinations and products

Recycling collection box for used contact lenses/ cases/ and foil packaging IN STORE